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VCE Dance at Michelle Rae School of Dance:

VCE Dance Classes at Michelle Rae are held in our Mount Waverley Studio at Pinewood Primary School.


Classes are held at the Pinewood Primary School which features one theory room with TV/DVD facilities and a larger main area where practical classes are taken. The floor is made of timber with movable mirrors and barres, adequate lighting, heating and ventilation.

Separate dressing areas are available for boys and girls with two separate toilet facilities, one of which is wheelchair accessible. The premise is ramped for wheelchair and pram access.

Teaching Staff

Michelle Rae School of Dance teaches the SDA syllabus and employs graduate teachers from Patrick Studios Australia, the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne University.

VCE Dance

VCE Dance is designed for students who have been studying dance or movement for at least three years. The aim is to extend student’s existing knowledge of dance in a new direction and to problem solve through the expressive process of choreography.

The subject is ideally suited to the dance student who is ready to choreograph their own works, learn about safe dance practice and investigate choreographic processes through studying choreographic principles and evaluate set dance works.

Activities are varied and could include:

  • investigating the concept of safe dance practice/s

  • writing responses to dance pieces from a range of dance genres and styles

  • learning group works for assessment

  • choreographing improvisations and group and solo works for assessment

Are there any prerequisites to enrol in the subject?

Students need to have some technical ability in dance or movement as well as a willingness to immerse themselves in the creative process of understanding and creating choreography.

Skills developed from undertaking VCE Dance are:

  • active and focussed viewing and response strategies

  • dance evaluation and analysis

  • choreographic techniques and creative reflection

  • performance skills

Overall the course aims to provide students the opportunity to develop skills in dance while fostering confidence and a love of the creative arts. 

The below form is to be downloaded, filled out, and given to the student's secondary school for enrolment. 

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